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November Events

November 4th - Numeracy Exam 
November 5th - Literacy Exam 
November 13th - VPD visit from Adam Mah 
November 14th - JOKER at Scotia Bank Theatre. Please arrive at 12:20pm 
November 20th - Visit from the
Vancouver Opera at 1-3pm 
November 20th-21st - Ginger bread house baking and constructing 
November 26th - GLAZING DAY 
WECC Ceramics Center at 1pm 
November 28th - BYRC 
Special visit and presentation
from Franky at 1pm


Gingerbread Make A Wish Contest

Some of our Foods and Arts students are collaborating on an EPIC Gingerbread project for this years 2019 Gingerbread Lane contest being held at The Hyatt. 
Good luck to our incredible City School crew!

Help at City School

We are so thankful to have help around the classroom. This year we are lucky to have lots of volunteer support. This includes Zdena & Marlee