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February 12, 2021

City School has several field trips and live streaming events lined up again!

- our foods/culinary program is still going strong!

-we've just started to see growth in our crops for our garden!

-Civil rights conference is coming up!

-Vancouver Mural festival has gone digital!


Social Distance Education?

February 19, 2021

Rest assured that City School has been and will continue to be a safe environment for learning, throughout the pandemic year or years. We are still able to run our day to day classes in person and we are getting through the school year safely while still maintaining our standards of fun, experiential learning. We have taken some sensible precautions while still able to cook food together, study films together, go on field trips together and share laughter in all of our activities and achievements together. Our grads are going to be better situated than most for the societal pivot we face now. Join us in the educational revolution!

Sandro Fracca

Educational Coordinator

Head Teacher

City School Vancouver

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Safe, Supportive Environment for All

February 19, 2021

We have plenty of support for helping young people unlock their creative ideas and find their personal callings while at City School. All of our staff and connected support network help students achieve through many different means. We want you to discover your talents and to speak the truth about your existence through your work and your words while at City School. City School tries to merge your identity with your learning style and the support is there for you to follow up on the thing you want, as well as the things you didn't think you wanted to know!

 experience with a number of students and families. We're excited to get the team together in September!


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