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August 1, 2020

City School Vancouver is committed to assisting students and families with meaningful direction during the suspension of all classes province wide. Our mandate is the same as all BC Schools and in line with the VSB which we are a part of, but as we are a small cohort in a large space in addition to being an alt school, we have an advantage of being an even safer environment for your children.

We have a limited capacity but we are still accepting applications for the new school year. Our group maximum is 22 grades 11-12.

Please click on the admissions link for more details, or visit the VSB page directly for a program description and referral. 

We are currently taking precautions to ensure that our cohort will be small enough and safe to return to City School on a full time basis in September as follows:

1. City School Staff will be supported by all regulations according to the ministry of education and health authorities as well as implement additional safety strategies to keep students and staff as safe as possible. 

2. City School Staff will take additional precautions such as room sanitation, limiting room space and enforcing rules such as students leaving all backpacks, jackets and any additional non-essential school items in designated lockers for each individual. 

3. As much as possible, City School will limit the amount of paper passing by uploading essential notes assignments  and related documents online. 

4. City School will provide adequate spacing for all students and have essential sanitary equipment available to staff and students. Any equipment that is used will be sanitised. Kitchen use will not be permitted unless as part of a learning session. Upstairs areas are off limits, and art room is open during art sessions only. There is currently no plan to allow access to the recording studio at this phase.

5. City School will continue to "use the city" as a learning grounds, but will take additional precautions to ensure that curricular matter outside of the classroom is in line with safety protocols. We will also limit our outings to late summer/early fall and late Spring. There will be no field trips in the winter months. 

6. City School will work with families to continue to provide students with alternative learning en route to their high school diplomas and future goals.  We are committed to assisting families through difficulties when encountered, and have a structured plan for any period of extended absence due to illness.


Mr. Sandro Fracca,

Educational Coordinator and Head Teacher


Social Distance Education?

August 1, 2020

Rest assured that City School has been and will continue to be a safe environment for learning, but we need your help. If your child is encountering any symptoms normally associated with a cold or flu, we are asking that the student be kept home to assess whether or not there is improvement in the symptoms, and that the guardian(s) and/or student communicate with us as to the status of the individual so that nothing is missed. We'll do our best to help you remotely.

This is all so that we can get through the school year safely and while still maintain our standards of fun, experiential learning. We feel that by taking these basic and sensible precautions we can all get through the school year safely and positively. If all goes well, by this time next year we'll be celebrating achievements together, such as arts fairs, and graduations!

Sandro Fracca

Educational Coordinator

Head Teacher

City School Vancouver

Welcome to Harald Veerman and Nevena Vojic!

August 1, 2020

We are so thankful to have help around the classroom we can depend on now. We welcome Harald Veerman to City School who brings us solid support as our new permanent SSA in a variety of academic areas. He also brings his impeccable organizational skills and consistent work attitude to our school after spending many years working many jobs and 5 years with the VSB as a classroom SSA! Welcome Harald this year and to many more years to come!

We also are pleased to announce the addition of Nevena Vojic to the team who will be a permanent SSB youthg and family worker in our program. Nevena will bring her passion for students and over 20 years in the school board of experience with a number of students and families. We're excitied to get the team together in September!


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