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Do you envision yourself turning your passion into a career? Are you ready for a challenge? Tired of teachers who don't listen or environments that are unsafe for you? Our students work hard individually and with their teachers in order to reach their dreams, and you can too. Read on to learn more about our admissions process and take charge of your life.

Admissions Process

Your Gateway to Learning

Visit our program description on the Vancouver School Board's site by cliking here. We also ask that you fill out one of our applications by clicking the button at the bottom of this page and write out the details according to each section. You will be called for an interview after which we can have you over at City School to spend a day with us. If you are accepted there will be other paperwork to fill out. Processing time can take anywhere from a week to two weeks. We are closed in the summer months. Enrolment is open for the current year in our term 1 only. We consider applicants for the following year in term 3, other than special cases. We are not semestered.

Academic Requirements

The Information You Need

Please see the referral form for the exact details of what you need. If you are applying from a school that is not King George there is additional paperwork required for a transfer of schools. We also require you to come in for a visit and have a look around. Prior to coming in you should fill out our own application form so we can talk about some of those things on there. If you have a contact like a counsellor who can give us some more details to help you, then that's even nicer for us to know. Parents are welcome down to have an informal chat anytime, but please call or email for an appointment.

Financial Help

How We Help

Some courses have minimal fees for equipment. City School runs many off site field trips during the course of the year. City School pays for all field trips, and speakers and artists who run workshops with us as well as licencing for things like plays. Grads have a higher cost due to the year-end ceremony and prom. We help the struggling families who cannot afford some of the basic course fees and other costs on a case by case basis.


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