Students are expected to attend every day and coordinate their daily assignments and responsibilities according to what is set out by their instructor or agreed upon between student and instructor in the case of individually driven inquiry studies. City School Vancouver is a modern and safe environment which is inclusive and socially conscious. We recognise that we work, learn and play on unceded Indigenous territory and promote the importance of teaching an authentic Canadian present-day rather than what has been taught in Canadian high schools of the past with respect to Indigenous perspectives and realities. In addition to this, gender identity and equality, the diverse and multicultural mosaic that is Canada in the 21st century, and other areas related to social justice are important values we share at City School.

At City School students are expected to exhibit compassion for one another and mutual respect for fellow students, their teachers, guest speakers, staff and/or other students from different schools on site or at venues where field trips take place. Even where a difference of opinion exists, students will focus on finding truth through primary and secondary sources that are good, and focus on understanding and listening to viewpoints in a manner that is respectful and productive rather than intentionally harmful.

In the rare case when a student fails to adhere to City School Vancouver or VSB policy, a student will be warned, family may be contacted and/or the student suggested for another placement depending on the severity of the situation. At the discretion of City School staff, students can be placed on academic probation if they are failing courses or behavioural expectations.


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